Surfacing & Resurfacing
Technologies and Methodologies
        Steel Grip specialty and engineering contractors, with over 35 years experience, provide cost effective solutions for new construction and refurbishment in challenging situations worldwide. We offer creative long lasting solutions to today's most high costs in construction. Extreme increases in construction costs have forced architects, engineers and developers to look toward refurbishment as an alternative to new construction.

        The durability and cost effectiveness of Steel Grip's products and services are unmatched on a life cycle basis. Steel Grip's perfected methodologies and product development combine years of experience to meet the highest expectations of commercial, industrial and private sector demands.
        Steel Grip has been the leader in providing new products and systems for the construction, rehabilitation, repair and waterproofing of concrete, asphalt and other load bearing and non load-bearing surfaces. These systems can be applied to the refurbishment of bridges, parking areas, streets, sidewalks, driveways, roofs and roof decks. Our systems bring New Life to these areas at a Fraction of the cost of conventional reconstruction methods.

        Steel Grip's surfacing systems are excellent for both new and old applications, adding years of durability and great appearance.