Super Coat Paint Carbide Base
     Super Coat Carbide Base paint is a high tech state of the art super non-skid coating designed for use on ship decks as a non-skid protective coating. Super Coat Carbide Base paint is also excellent as a non-skid protective coating on ramps and stairs. This coating is especially suitable for an ocean air environment. The Super Coat Carbide Base Paint has been tested by independent laboratories and has been proven to be three times tougher and more durable than the most expensive high tech ocean grade protective coatings on the market. This coating is currently used on cranes, ship decks, and tug boat decks, oil tankers and cargo ship decks, to give total non-skid as well as extreme resistance to deterioration and wear. Steel Grip Carbide Base Coating system has earned a world-wide reputation as the finest non-skid coating system available.

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