Steel Grip Pastel Color "CR" Type Waterproof Rubber Top Coat Resin
     This coating resin comes in bright and pastel colors designed specifically for decorative use. This resin has a high gloss and is a solvent based rubber resin. This resin is designed to be totally water tight and it is designed to hold standing water for great lengths of time if required. There are two types of "CR" resin. One is designed specifically to coat swimming pools and the other is designed specifically to coat decks. This resin is designed primarily for foot traffic. It can effectively be applied over concrete, wood, and steel. It will handle a high degree of flexibility due to its rubber consistency. This resin can effectively be applied over SS-2200 impregnated with sand when a resin top coat is required that will hold standing water. This coating can be cleaned easily and also can be waxed if required.

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