M-1000 is a cement additive composed of waterborne acrylic epoxy with latex and vinyl resin modifiers. M-1000 is a trade secret formulation used with Steel Grip M-1000 patented procedural formulations.
     M-1000 Polymer when mixed with water, added to cement, sand and Steel Grip M-1000 Adhesive Extender forms a new cementitious compound with characteristics of extreme toughness, increased flexibility and greatly increased adhesive qualities.
     M-1000 Polymer cementitious compounds can be mixed as viscous paint-like slurries or as dry patching compounds. By adding the liquid M-1000 Polymer resin to water in prescribed formulations it is possible to apply cement in thicknesses varying from several inches to as thin as paint.      Using M-1000 cement mixtures it is possible to repitch or regrade existing slabs of concrete starting from virtually any thicknessand feathering out to zero if required.
     The increased adhesive strength and toughness of the M-1000 Polymer cement mixtures make it possible to do repairs on curbs, streets, sidewalks, concrete walls, bridges, tunnels, and virtually all concrete structures with no preparation other than cleaning and flushing with water.
     M-1000 Polymer can also be mixed with water and added to cement and fine sand to create a cementitious paint. This cement compound paint can be sprayed, brushed or rolled onto existing concrete to give the surface a new finish as well as filling voids and fissures. This M-1000 Polymer cement paint can also be used to completely cover graffiti and discoloration of concrete surfaces. Unlike paint, an M-1000 cement compound will not peel or chip and can be applied at various thicknesses to hide imperfections and give a virtually new finish to any concrete surface.
     The addition of M-1000 Polymer to cement-concrete formulas changes the molecular structure of the cement compound or the concrete compound increasing its overall flexibility and adhesive strength.
     For additional uses of M-1000 liquid polymer cement additive as a concrete modifier or cement compound coating resin contact Steel Grip directly in Los Angeles, CA

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