Steel Grip 100% Solids Epoxy
     Steel Grip 100% Solid Epoxy is a special Steel Grip Blend of extremely high performance epoxy resin. Steel Grip 100% Solids Epoxy is a two component high impact epoxy coating. This two component epoxy resin is an exotic blend of high tech resin and catalytic curing agents which inducts in minutes and reaches a permanent hard cure in just a few hours. Steel Grip l00% Solids Epoxy resin has zero shrinkage and an exceptionally high modular or flexibility when compared to other epoxy coatings available. Steel Grip 100% Solids Epoxy is used as a transparent impact coating to protect hard industrial floors such as machine shops, warehouse floors, robotic plants, convention center floors, machinery, tractor, and car showroom floors.
     Steel Grip l00% Solids Epoxy resin can be applied as a protective coating or as a color coating to enable a finish to withstand the impact of heavy use and equipment abrasion. 100% Solids Epoxy can also be mixed with Adhesive Extender and pigment and used as a textured coat when non-skid and extremely hard, tough, resilient coatings are required. Steel Grip l00% Solids Epoxy can also be mixed with Adhesive Extender and pigment and then broadcast with aluminum oxide and/or Carborundum or sand to achieve a base coat for non-skid floor coating, or as a base coat to be topped with Steel Grip Super Coat Epoxy paint. Steel Grip l00% Solids Epoxy Resin is the basis for all the extra heavy duty industrial seamless floor applications and application systems performed by Steel Grip installers. The tough epoxy floor is specified as high tech state of the art extra hard and tough seamless floors are applied using the Steel Grip 100% Solids Epoxy according to Steel Grip Epoxy floors specifications. Steel Grip l00% Solids Epoxy can also be used with specialized formulations for construction of epoxy natural aggregate finished for vertical and horizontal installation. Steel Grip l00% Solids Epoxy comes in five-gallon and one-gallon containers. It is a two component epoxy resin utilizing a curing agent and an epoxy resin formulation blend. The epoxy resin component "A" is mixed or inducted with the epoxy curing agent component "B" in ratios of two parts "A" to one part "B" or one part "A" to one part "B" depending on use, specifications, and desirable results required. Generally the ratio of two parts resin to one part curing agent cures very quickly and is harder or has greater compression strength. When the ratio is one to one, the induction and the working time is greater and the resin itself cures out with less compression strength but greater flexibility. The ratios are determined by the use of either a coreacting or nonreacting diluent and this is done by the Steel Grip factory, depending on specification requirements. Viscosity, cure time, and induction time ratios can be customized at the factory during the production period to accommodate requirements and/or specifications.
CAUTION: Do not use sophisticated specialty high tech coating resins such as Steel Grip Custom l00% solids epoxy without proper training and/or factory supervision.

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