Terpolymer "White" Rubber Resin Paint
     The Terpolymer White Rubber Resin is a waterborne elastomeric resin rubber coating material. This resin paint can be applied with a roller, brush, or airless spray gun. It is an excellent primer for most waterborne paints. The Terpolymer White Rubber Paint Resin can be applied over a surface that has cracks and fissures, and it will seal the cracks and prevent them from reflecting through to the paint top coat that follows. Terpolymer Rubber Resin paint can be rolled or brushed over fine cracks on concrete or asphalt to prevent reflective cracking. Terpolymer White Rubber Resin can also be applied to a roof desk as an elastomeric coating to prevent water infiltration. Terpolymer Resin Paint is a waterproof membrane elastomeric coating; however, this coating is not designed for standing water. If a roof deck will allow water to stand for one week or more, it is not recommended to use the Terpolymer White Resin Coating. Terpolymer Resin paint is an excellent coating for roofs that do not have water standing for long periods of time.
     The coating is white and will reflect the heat and substantially cut back in air conditioning costs. The White Rubber Terpolymer Resin is used to paint buildings as a primer and to coat decks as a waterproof membrane. Two or three coats of White Terpolymer Resin can be used as a finish process on buildings that are located on the ocean to prevent salt water and moisture infiltration and deterioration of the building. Terpolymer White Rubber Resin Paint will hold up under extreme weather conditions and prevent deterioration to concrete and areas where other paints will fail. If White Terpolymer Rubber Resin is to be applied to a deck for waterproofing that is severely cracked, it is recommended that the Terpolymer Gel is used to fill and seal all cracks first before applying the Terpolymer White Rubber Resin Paint membrane coat. Terpolymer White Rubber Resin Paint is sold in five-gallon pails. It comes white and special orders can be obtained in a limited number of colors.

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