Black Neoprene Coal Tar Waterproofing Resin
     Steel Grip Neoprene Coal Tar Resin Coating is recommended for use as a waterproof membrane on walls that will be back filled with earth. This material is waterborne and will hold up to standing water. It is relatively low cost for such high quality waterproof membrane coating resin. Black Neoprene Coal Tar Resin is used on foundations to fill cracks and seal concrete and prevent water penetration and infiltration. It can also be used on a roof deck with fiberglass as a low-cost waterproof membrane that will handle foot traffic. This product is not suitable as a membrane or sealer coating that you would paint over. Steel Grip Black Neoprene Coal Tar resin is primarily recommended for use as a foundation waterproof sealing resin and as a waterproof roof coating. This product is not recommended for roof decks, parking decks, or decks that will handle vehicular traffic.

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