Terpolymer Fiber Gel
     Steel Grip M-1000 Terpolymer Gel is a high tech blend of three polymer resins. A proprietary blend of acrylic, latex, and vinyl is chemically blended and mixed with Adhesive Extender in a waterborne emulsion consistency that is similar to a thick cream. Terpolymer Gel dries to a rubber consistency that will expand and contract with the movement of cracked concrete or asphalt. The Terpolymer Gel has a toothpaste consistency that can easily be spread with a bush or a margin trowel. The Terpolymer Gel will not slump and therefore can be used to fill vertical as well as horizontal cracks without falling through or falling down. Terpolymer Gel can be troweled onto a vertical or horizontal plane, creating a tough elastomeric membrane. However, the primary use of Terpolymer Gel is as a crack filler in concrete or asphalt to prevent reflective cracking. It is recommended prior to applying an M-1000 cementitious compound slurry coat over a concrete surface that all the cracks are filled first with Terpolymer Gel. By filling the cracks with gel and spreading a thin coat of gel over the cracked surface, this will stabilize the crack. The crack will be allowed to expand and contract without reflecting a shearing action through the surfaced laid on top of it. It is the best known protection against reflective cracking of surfaces to be coated. Unlike other types of rubber crack fillers and coatings, the Steel Grip M-1000 Terpolymer Gel can be blended and spread with a brush so as to imitate existing texture. It can be brushed onto the concrete and blended with a sponge or brush to match the existing finish of the concrete. This advantage makes it possible to coat over the Terpolymer Gel without the overlay coating being affected. You would not be able to see the area of repair. Terpolymer Gel will effectively fill, seal, coat, and camouflage the crack in preparation fore top coating. The Steel Grip M-1000 Terpolymer Gel is sold in one-gallon containers.

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