SGUVR22 is a state of the art high performance euroester liquid resin. SGURV22 is crystal clear and totally resistant to ultraviolet rays and weathering. SGUVR22 is a crystal clear, high performance, tough-coating resin that will give maximum protection to most surfaces. SGUVR22 will not yellow when exposed to the sun or moisture. SGUVR22 is a hard waterproof clear resin that possesses extreme hydrophobic characteristics. SGUVR22 can be cut back with Xylene for a spray gun application. It can also be cut back with Xylene to create a highly penetrating base coat application that will permeate concrete and stabilize Its surface. SGUVR22 is compatible with M-1000 concrete slurry overlay and repair compound surfaces. SGUVR22 can be effectively used as a hard crystal clear sealing and finishing resin over concrete, wood, and most resin surfaces.

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