Steel Grip SS-2200 is a solvent based liquid rubber membrane compound. SS-2200 compound is a self-leveling liquid rubber resin that can be spread over virtually any horizontal surface to create a totally waterproof elastomeric rubber finish. SS-2200 liquid rubber compound can be spread with rollers, brushes, squeegees, or an airless spray gun.
     The SS-2200 rubber membrane waterproofing elastomeric rubber is compatible with M-1000 cementitious compound overlays and repair coatings. SS-2200 liquid rubber can be mixed with silica sand to create a viscous slurry that can be used to fill cracks, crevices, and joints in concrete, woods, or bituminous surfaces. SS-2200 can be applied independently as a total waterproof rubber membrane application or can be combined with M-1000 cementitious compounds for waterproofing of concrete surfaces. SS-2200 liquid rubber membrane can be applied as a smooth, resilient, hard rubber finish or impregnated with sand so as to give a natural, nonskid sand finish.
     SS-2200 liquid rubber can be effectively used as a waterproof membrane over any concrete slab such as parking structures, decks, or roofs. SS-2200 membrane coatings can be coated with M-1000 cement compound slurries to give a tough wearing surface over a waterproof membrane rubber surface. SS-2200 can be used as a subcoat waterproofing membrane or as an intermediate layered waterproof membrane coating, or as a top finish coat membrane coating.
     SS-2200 membrane liquid rubber coating must cure for a minimum of 24 hours between coats and must cure for 24-48 hours depending on temperature and humidity prior to exposure to vehicular traffic.

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