Porcelite Prime Kote

PRODUCT TYPE: Porcelite modified co-polymer epoxy resin primer.

DESCRIPTION: A two-part co-polymer primer which provides
considerable applicator latitude in that it can be applied at levels
ranging from 5 to 10 mils wet film thickness.

TYPICAL USES: For surfaces to be topcoated with Porcelite
Finishing Resin (P1004). It can be used in two ways: (1) as a
heavy-bodied, block filler type of material designed to smooth out
rough, cratered and puffed surfaces; (2) as a conventional primer for
smooth surfaces when thinned at the rate of 1 pint of water per gallon
of mixed material.

FOR USE ON: Unpainted plaster, unpainted concrete or surfaces
previously painted with an epoxy coating with many bald spots.

DO NOT USE ON: Steel or surfaces previously painted with
rubber base, vinyl or waterborne acrylic pool coatings unless first
sandblasted to white metal or raw base plaster or concrete, whichever
the case may be.

COLOR: Off-white.


SOLIDS BY VOLUME: 42% (combined components).

COVERAGE: One gallon ( not thinned) covers about 175 square
feet when applied at the rate of 4 mils wet film thickness and about
80 square feet when applied at the rate of 10 mils wet film thickness.

When used as a conventional primer thinned at the rate of 1 pint
of water to a gallon the coverage is 200 square feet per gallon.

DRY TIMES: To touch 20-45 minutes, depending on daytime temperatures.

To recoat 24 hours.

THINNER: Use water to thin.

SHELF LIFE: Two years from date of manufacture, which is stamped on lid.

PACKAGING: One-Gallon kits, in a 3:1 mixing ratio, consisting of a
1-gallon can containing 3 quarts of base and a separate quart can filled
with catalyst. Four-gallon kits, in a 3:1 mixing ratio, consisting of a
5-gallon can containing 3 gallons of base coat and a separate gallon can
filled with catalyst.

VOC: Volatile organic compounds: 240 grams/liter (combined components).

SURFACE PREPARATION: Sandblasting to a rough profile or if pool is
epoxy-coated, see Porcelite information bulletin on Cleaning Instructions
for Plaster, Concrete and Previously Painted Surfaces. Never acid etch or
acid wash any surface in preparation for Porcelite coatings.

PATCHING PROCEDURES: the product will fill Hairline cracks itself.
Use this product at an not thinned consistency for puffed, cratered or
rough areas. For an even greater fill capacity of the primer, add 1-2 cups
of white-washed silica sand per gallon after having mixed Part A and Part
B. Mix thoroughly.

If pits and craters are 1/4-inch or greater, use Porcelite Crack Repair Kit
(P1001) or Steel Grip CMT-30 hydraulic cement to smooth the surface.

All cement-based patches must be power ground with an L-grinder with a course
stone before coating.

MIXING: Porcelite PrimeKote is a 2-part product. The mixing ratio is
3:1 3 of Part A (large can) to 1 of Part B (small can).

Mix contents of Part B into Part A. Mix in a separate and larger container.
When mixing the 1-gallon kit, use a kitchen rubber spatula to remove the
contents of Part A, since it is a thick material. When mixing the 4-gallon
kit, use a kitchen rubber spatula to remove the contents of Part B and empty
into the 5-gallon pail that contains Part A resin.

Stir the material thoroughly for 3-4 minutes. Use an electric drill with a
paint mixing attachment.

To thin the product, use a maximum of 1 pint of water to 1 mixed gallon of
Part A and Part B.

After mixing and stirring Part A and Part B, you must wait 20 minutes
for the chemical reaction to occur before using.

Once mixed, the material has a use-life of about 2 hours at 72F. The use-life
is shortened at higher temperatures and lengthened at cooler temperatures.
When the end of the use-life has been reached, the product will thicken;
do not use after this time for it will not adhere properly.

APPLICATION: Allow a minimum of 1 day at higher temperatures and a
maximum of 3 days at lower temperatures for the surface to dry after completing
the surface preparation cleaning procedures. The surface can be damp, but
not wet, at time of application.

Porcelite PrimeKote, after induction, must be sprayed onto the surface using
an airless spray gun.

The thickness of the coating is a matter of the judgment of the applicator,
it should be a minimum of 4 mils of wet film thickness on smooth surfaces and
can be as much as 1 mils wet film thickness on rough and cratered surfaces.

The topcoat can be applied 24 hours after the application of the primer coat
and MUST be applied within 72 hours. If it is necessary to wait beyond 72 hours,
the surface must be sanded lightly to insure intercoat adhesion.

TEMPERATURE CONSIDERATIONS: Do not use this product if daytime temperatures
are less than

When the weather is hot (temperatures above 80F), store the product in a
cool place before using. When the weather is cool (65-75F), store the product
in a warm place before use.

LIMITED WARRANTY: Due to the fact that the manufacturer has no control
over either surface preparation or application, warranty is limited to replacement
of product, if it is shown to be defective. Such warranty does not include the
cost of labor or consequential damages.


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