Terpolymer Rubber


Terpolymer Rubber is an elastomeric, waterproof viscous paint that is an
applicator safe, non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-volatile water born membrane
type coating resin.

Porcelite elastomeric rubber membrane coating resin is designed to achieve a
monolithic elastomeric membrane coating sufficient to prevent water penetration
from rain or standing water.

Porcelite Terpolymer is easy to apply with roller, squeegee, brush, or airless
spray gun. The coating can also be applied as a skid resistant waterproof coat
for foot traffic and can be applied in various colors and finishes.

Porcelite Terpolymer coating resin is recommended for all roofs and roof decks,
including areas with ponding water. Other uses of Terpolymer include exterior
and below grade waterproofing. Terpolymer coating resin can be applied to wood,
metal, glass, fiberglass, tile, concrete and stucco surfaces. Additionally,
Porcelite Terpolymer is an excellent membrane waterproof coating to seal and
beautify cracked stucco, concrete, or plaster.

Available in custom colors and finishes.

As an extra tough walking or driving surface, Terpolymer, top coated
with Porcelite Euro-Plex, gives an extra hard, more abrasion resistant and
overall tougher finish.

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