Liquid-Tub-Surround (Water Borne)

(Water Borne)
(See Euro-plex)

Liquid-Tub-Surround is a state-of-the art two component skid resistant coating
resin. Liquid-Tub-Surround is of the same formula as dec-K-oat and Euro-Plex
This epoxy tough weatherable coating resin is also excellent for coating concrete, wood,
asphalt and most on-grade surfaces such as tennis and basketball courts, driveways,
patio decks, pool decks, sidewalk areas, shopping malls and plazas. Euro-Plex can be
applied over Porcelite’s Terpolymer elastomeric water proofing membrane rubber for roof
and patio deck applications where a water tight finish is essential.

Euro-Plex combines acrylic and polyurethane in a remarkably tough and durable two component
resin that is water-born, non-hazardous, and non-flammable. Euro-Plex has excellent skid
resistance and weathering properties and is the ultimate in film toughness and flexibility.
Euro-Plex provides superior resistance to wear and abrasion, even better than any solvent
coatings now available and has the following additional advantages:

  1. Euro-Plex is a water repelling, yet breathable coating that can be
    applied on grade with virtually no bubbling or blistering.

  2. Euro-Plex is fast drying, a second coat may be applied one hour after
    the first coat, and it develops, ready for service, resistance
    properties within 24 to 48 hours.

  3. Euro-Plex exhibits high resistance to wet abrasion, will not blister
    when exposed to soap and detergent solutions, and may be applied over
    dry or damp substances without affecting its adhesion properties.

  4. Euro-Plex is water born, non-hazardous, and non-flammable, which makes
    it ideal for mechanical or boiler room floors, as well as other areas
    where the use of solvent type coatings could be hazardous. Euro-Plex is
    practically odorless and is never uncomfortable to building occupants or

  5. Euro-PIex provides a very attractive finish that is easy to clean and
    maintain and will show little or no appreciable change in color after
    months of weathering. Euro-Plex is available in most colors.

  6. This two component acrylic urethane coating resin brings water born
    paint to a remarkable new level of superiority.

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