Porcelite Crack Repair Kit

Porcelite Crack Repair Kit (p1001)

PRODUCT TYPE: Special repair kit for pool and spa crack repairs. Contains
special flex-epoxy ester and special rubber resin filler.

DESCRIPTION: A two-part euroester flex polymer resin rubber compound
that can be applied at any thickness.

TYPICAL USES: To fill cracks in plaster or concrete pools. Can also be used
as a hard flexible caulk.

SOLIDS BY VOLUME: 92% (combined components A, B, & C).

COVERAGE: Can be applied to any depth or thickness.

DRY TIMES: To touch - 30 minutes to 4 hours, depending on daytime temperatures.
Can be coated with Porcelite when tacky but firm.

THINNER: Do not thin - use Xylene for clean up.

SHELF LIFE: 5 years.

PACKAGING: One kit contains one quart component A resin, one quart component B
curing agent, and one gallon component C dry rubber resin filler compound.

TEMPERATURE CONSIDERATIONS: Do not use this product if daytime temperatures are
less than 48F.

TEMPERATURE CAUTIONS: If air or ground temperature is above 88F. product must
be mixed and used in 10 minutes, If temperature is above 95F, mix small amounts and
use in 4-6 minutes.

SURFACE PREP: V grind cracks as required. Surface must be bone dry before
filling with Porcelite Crack Repair compound. Expansion joints must be sandblasted or
ground and compound made on the dry side.

MIXING DIRECTIONS: This is a three component product compound. Mix one part
Compound A resin with one part Compound B catalyst activator and mix thoroughly for
approximately 1 minute. Add 3-4 parts Compound C dry rubber resin filler and blend
until achieving desired mortar-like consistency.

APPLICATION: After mixing one part Compound A and one part Compound B to
approximately 3-4 parts Compound C according to mixing instructions, apply into a
bone dry V cut groove using a margin trowel.

WORKING TIME: Working time at ambient temperature (72) after mixing is 20 minutes.
Working time will increase or decrease with variation in temperature.
Temperature of 85 would allow approximately 15 minutes working time.

SET TIME: Set time will vary with temperature. At 72F, set time is approximately
4 to 6 hours. At above 85F, set time is 2 to 3 hours.

WARNING: Mix small batches that can be used immediately, especially at temperatures
in access of 85F.

LIMITED WARRANTY: Due to the fact that Porcelite has no direct control over either
surface preparation or application procedures, warranty is limited to replacement of
product if it is shown to be defective. Such warranty does not include labor or other
consequential costs.



VOC: (Combined Components):

Less than 24 grams per liter. 2. lbs. per gal.

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