This is a public fountain in the midst of Los Angeles, California,USA. that is in complete dis-repair due to vandalisim and the elements.
The broken out areas were reformed using M1000 dry-mix, The fountain was given a cementious coating to assist in providing a even appearance.
After the repairs had dried the inner portion was completed with Steel Grips Prime coat and Porcelite Finish coat.
The result being an old fountain made to resemle a new fountain.Work time 4 days.
In this photo you can observe the deteriorated condition of the pool. It has spalding and the present coating is falling away from the concrete.
This photo demonstrates the effectivness of the Steel Grip Porcelite System.
This pool is being patched with M1000 dry-mix.
Upon completion of repairs a coating of Steel Grip Prime Coat is used. When this coating has dried Porcelite Finishing coat is applied to give the pool a ceramic appearance.
Your pool is now complete leaving a lovely Meditterian blue to its appearance. Work Time 3 days.