In this photo roadwork is being economically repaired by using M1000 Concrete Road Slurrey and specially designed vehicle,thereby saving time and amount of product being used.
This is the road finished with a concrete non-skid texture that has filled in depressions and cracks. This application would have dried in a couple of hours.
This is a parking lot that Steel Grip's M1000 Concrete Slurry Coat is being applied with a squeege and will be then rebrushed with a broom to achieve a non-skid application.
This is a rather large pothole that is being sealed with a derivative of Steel Grip's Minute Set cement called "The Pothole Plug". This material can be applied to a street pothole filled with water, trowelled to a feather finish in 5 to 8 minutes. This product produces its own heat for chemically drying and can be used during colder temperatures.
This is the completed parking lot showing lines and lettering that have been applied with Steel Grip's Supercoat.
A low area in street run off that causes pedestrian to be splashed is being prepared for a Steel Grip quick repair. The area is treated with M1000 pre-mix.
On top of the pre-mix the M1000 concrete mix is applied and trowelled into place.
The concrete is then broomed for a non skid surface.
Work completion time was one half hour. The work is then barricaded to allow drying.