This sidewalk had a manhole sewer outlet that had crumbled from deterioration and traffic wear. The loosen material is being removed and the area cleaned.
In this instance due to time because of the location Steel Grip Minute Cement was used. Feather out to zero and a coat of Steel Grips Liquid Concrete completed the work. Total time for this particular job one hour.
For small jobs such as the following pictures show, use the M1000 dry-pack directions and mix in a wheel barrow. Click on mixing directions.
Use the M1000 pre-mix (click mixing directions) on the repair area usually a brush is used. Then place M1000 dry-pack (click mixing direction) in repair area. Using two trowels pack and form to the exsisting sidewalk. The firmer you pack the material the stronger the repair.
Continued placement photo
Continued placment photo
Continued placment photo.
Job is completed with a final brushing/roller of M1000 concrete slurry (click on mixing instructions).
This photo shows a large piece of sidewalk missing. Here you will use the M1000 pre-mix, M1000 dry pack, M1000 concrete slurry and a bendaboard.
Use the bend-a-board as a form. Wet repair area with M1000 pre-mix. Place M1000 dry pack and smooth out with trowels.
The work is troweled and then receives a brush/rolled finish with a coat of M1000 concrete slurry. Work time 10 minutes.
This is a rock curb that had been damaged and set for repair. Material is M1000 dry-pac and pre-mix.
Wet area with M1000 pre-mix. Spread M1000 dry pack on repair area.
Smooth out M1000 dry-pac with a couple of hand trowels. Press hard.
Continued placement.
Un-finished placement.
Then re-form the rock outlines and smooth out the rocks.
Continue making rock outlines.
The work is now completed resembling the rock curb. A coat of pre-mix is applied to the finished job.
Sidewalk has a large portion that has deteriorated leaving a large hole. M1000 pre-mix is first applied.
Fill the hole with M1000 dry-pack.
Sprinkle M1000 pre-mix on top of the dry-pack and trowel out to a smooth finish feathering out to zero. Work Time 10 minutes.
This sidewalk had lifted. The area was sprinkled with M1000 pre-mix and the M1000 dry-pack applied.
After troweling the dry-pack, then a brushing of M1000 pre-mix is used for a non-skid surface and to assist in finishing the work to a zero edge.
Continued completion.
Work is barricaded until dry in about 4-5 hours. Total worktime approximately 15-20 minutes.
A low area in street run off that causes pedestrian to be splashed is being prepared for a Steel Grip quick repair. The area is treated with M1000 pre-mix.
On top of the pre-mix the M1000 concrete mix is applied and trowelled into place.
The concrete is then broomed for a non skid surface.
Work completion time was one half hour. The work is then barricaded to allow drying.
This floor is the U.S. Olympic Stadium. Steel Grip was asked to provide a non-slip durable surface. To this date the floor still has the appearance of brand new.
Disneyland concourse is now complete for pedistrian traffic.
As previously shown the pedestrian concourse at Disneyland was completed by Steel Grip.